Law Offices of Jeff Smith

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Areas of Practice

Jeff Smith has encountered most of the common aspects of civil law in Illinois as well as some uncommon areas. Broad experience is useful in analyzing a case, because legal issues often interact. An attorney who understands more than one dimension of a client's legal affairs can provide more client-appropriate advice and a more holistic perspective. Areas in which Jeff Smith has frequently practiced* include the following:

Entrepreneurial startup

Computer law

Contract review, drafting, negotiation, and dispute resolution

Copyright, trademark, and licensing

Employer-employee issues

Real estate, including residential and commercial sales and leases

Wills, trusts, and simple estate planning and administration

Family and matrimonial counseling

Business and commercial litigation

State and federal appeals

Civil and constitutional rights

Election law and voting rights

Tort and personal injury

The Law Offices of Jeff Smith does not handle patent, IRS, or debtors' bankruptcy matters.

*The office is not currently accepting new lawsuits referred from this website but will advise pre-existing and previous clients, or from personal referrals.

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